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Pilates Floors

Pilates Flooring by Dollamur


Pilates Floors by Dollamur

Ready to give your Pilates studio a high-quality and high-performance floor? When choosing flooring for your studio, the materials must be durable, moisture and odor resistant, hold up to heavy traffic and extreme pressure from feet pressing down on it, and maintain the weight from heavy Pilates machines. Dollamur, a trusted name and manufacturer of sport surfaces, has developed performance flooring that meets the needs of Pilates studios and is supported with well thought out design and top customer service.


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Dollamur High- Performance Pilates Floor


Dollamur Pilates flooring is slip-resistance
--great for partner Pilates



Shock absorbing and comfortable on your
knees and feet


Durable & Strong

Dollamur durable is strong enough to
support the weight of Pilates machines



Designing Your Professional or Home Studio

Dollamur offers multiple flooring styles, colors and textures to give your studio a personal and customized design. Our in-house experts can help you determine the best type, size and layout for your unique space.

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pilates studio floors

pilates home studio flooring

Colors & Textures

All Dollamur Roll flooring are treated with an anti-microbial surface. This protective surface wards off bacteria and keeps your athletes healthy on the mat.


pilates mats

Pilates Floor Tiles

Available in 1" thickness, this tatami texture tile provides strength and comfort. Available in Charcoal Grey, Black and Red. Tiles measure 1m x 2m


pilates floors wood grain

Wood Grain Floor

Available in various foam density combinations for stability in two beautiful wood tones – Rosewood and Sandalwood.


pilates flooring by dollamur

Pilates Roll Floors

Available in Tatami texture in Charcoal Grey, Red, Light Green, Black or Royal Blue. Also available in White!



Installing Your New Dollamur Pilates Floor

Dollamur Pilates Flooring is ultra-easy to setup. Floors can be installed wall-to-wall to maximize the floor space in your studio which can help prevent slips and falls as clients step off their personal mats. Flexi Floors are delivered in rolls, making moving and installation stress-free. With nothing more than a razor knife, you can custom fit your new flooring perfectly in your professional or home studio.


Need to move your studio? No worries. The flooring does not use glue adhesives making it easy to pack up and take to a new location.


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*Minimum 36 linear ft. to place a custom order