Tatami Hot Yoga Floors


Hot Yoga Floors by Dollamur

Tiles and Roll Flooing are quickly becoming the future of the Yoga industry.

Unlike most traditional Yoga flooring, our Tatami Hot Yoga tiles are oversized to accommodate taller individuals, ensuring full coverage, no matter what position you find yourself in. Perfectly designed for individual tiles or an entire floor. Works for fitness equipment, weights, and high heat yoga applications. Tatami Tiles and Tatami Roll Flooring provide a shock absorbing cushion for less stress on your body and the slip resistant tatami surface provides sure footing for optimal safety. Cleanup is no problem with these slip-resistant mats.


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  • Hot Yoga Flooring Benefits:

    1' Tatami Tiles and 1/2" Tatami Roll Flooring

  • Dollamur Yoga & Fitness Flooring is optimal for all types of Yoga, Fitness, Dance and Pilates
  • Including hot yoga, Bikram yoga, Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, bootcamps, health & fitness
  • Wall to wall flooring
  • Perfect for fitness equipment, weights, high heat yoga applications
  • Cleans Easily; no out-gassing
  • Easy to install - allows for custom fit
  • Shock absorbing cushion for less stress on your body
  • Tatami surface, slip resistant provides sure footing for optimal safety
  • 5 year manufacture warranty
  • *Minimum 36 linear ft. to place a custom order

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