Yoga Flooring by Dollamur at Remedy Barr & Foam Rolling

Yoga Flooring by Dollamur

Pilates Tile Flooring by Dollamur

Yoga & Fitness Studio Roll Flooring

Yoga & Fitness Studio Flooring custom artwork and design

Yoga Mats - Oversized and Ultimate Core Mat

Yoga, Hot Yoga and Pilates Flooring by Dollamur

Yoga Flooring by Dollamur is quickly becoming the standard at professional studios. If you are looking for a cushioned, dry, odor-eliminating flooring surface, Dollamur is the answer! Dollamur yoga flooring will keep your clients comfortable, allowing them to focus on balance, strength and breathing. Flooring can be installed wall-to-wall, maximizing your floor space and helps prevent slips and falls as clients step off their personal mats.

Yoga Flooring by Dollamur

Yoga Flooring

Transform your home or professional studio into a low-impact, high performance exercise area. Can be installed wall-to-wall to maximizing the floor space.

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Pilates Tile & Roll Flooring

Pilates Tile & Roll Flooring

The Dollamur Tile and Roll Flooring is the ultimate in impact protection, offering various thickness options for maximum comfort. Lots of colors...

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Hot Yoga Tiles & Roll Flooring

Hot Yoga Tiles & Roll Flooring

Unlike most traditional Yoga flooring, our Tatami Hot Yoga tiles are oversized to accommodate taller individuals. Also perfect as floor tiles for fitness equipment, weights and high heat yoga rooms.

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