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  • French Federation of Wrestling President Visits Dollamur HQ

    Last month, on their way to Oklahoma for the 2014 Division 1 NCAA Wrestling Championships, Alain Bertholom, President of the French Federation of Wrestling, and his team stopped by Dollamur headquarters to get a glimpse at our manufacturing facility. They saw firsthand where Dollamur mats are made and all of the work that goes into each and every one of our wrestling surfaces.

    Alain and his team’s trip down to Fort Worth also involved meeting with some of Dollamur’s top leaders to discuss several upcoming wrestling events that France will be hosting through 2017.

    We had a great time showing Alain and other members of the French Federation of Wrestling Dollamur’s home and strengthening our wrestling relationships abroad.

    Next time we hope to return the favor and visit Alain and his team in France!

    President of the French Federation of Wrestling, Alain Bertholom (left), and performance manager, Philippe Vidal (right), visited Dollamur’s manufacturing facility in March. President of the French Federation of Wrestling, Alain Bertholom (left), and performance manager, Philippe Vidal (right), visited Dollamur’s manufacturing facility in March.
  • Ontario Provincial HS wrestling championships

    The Ontario Provincial High School Wrestling Championships proved to be a great weekend on the Mat! Congratulations to the athletes who competed and the coaches who got them ready!

    Wrestling Mats for the Ontario Provincial Wrestling Championships

  • SiriusXM's Jason Ellis Finds Fitness With Some Punch

    Dollamur Mats

    Boxing Is Part of the Former X Games Skateboarder's Workout

    (From the Wall Street Journal

    Radio host Jason Ellis showed up to a friend's wedding while recuperating from two broken arms in six months. He left determined to learn mixed martial arts.

    Mr. Ellis, the 42-year-old host of SiriusXM's "The Jason Ellis Show," met mixed martial artist and kickboxer Kit Cope at the wedding of motocross racer Carey Hart and the pop star Pink eight years ago. Mr. Ellis, a former X Games skateboarder, had a separated shoulder and "was just really out of shape" from spending half a year recovering from the two falls off his dirt bike that broke his arms.

    Right after the wedding, the two men went to Las Vegas, where Mr. Ellis tried muay thai—a combat sport from Thailand that includes punches, kicks and elbow strikes—for the first time, he says. "Kit showed me some kicking and punching, then came on my radio show and invited me to try MMA," he says.


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    Jason Ellis

  • Keep Training!

    Wrestling Mats Quote

  • Shocx Academy, Brussels, Belgium

    Dollamur mats is now bringing you some of our nicests dojo's from around the world. Getting ready to set up your own space? make sure to like, friend, subscribe, chime in, or occasionally visit for a great view of what some of the best gyms, and clubs in the world are doing with Dollamur Mats.

    Shocx Academy, Brussels Belgium

  • Gracie Way Episode 17.

    dollamurBWTake a look at the Gracie Way video episode 17. Dollamur Mats covered their training facility and they really got a good use at what looks like to be a great time practicing, training and having fun!

    Check it out HERE!

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