Dollamur Wrestling Mats News. Find out how Dollamur is promoting the sport of Wrestling and where Dollamur mats are being wrestled upon.

  • Junior Pan Am’s in Toronto two weeks ago

    Check out the mat Set up for the Jr. Pan Am's that took place in Canada.1908354_599817036803916_2626773644491181270_n

  • Training facility in France utilizing 2 industry leading product innovations from Dollamur Flexi roll and Flexi Connect


  • Dollamur Sports Surfaces Wins Contract To Provide Training Mats For The U.S. Army

    Fort Worth-based Dollamur selected to supply the U.S. Army with wrestling mats to be used throughout the world for combative training

    FORT WORTH, June 23, 2014 - Dollamur Sports Surfaces, the nation’s largest supplier of sports mats, has been awarded a contract to supply wrestling mats to the U.S. Army for its training programs at posts throughout the United States, Japan, South Korea and Europe. An initial order of 69 mats will ship from the Fort Worth-based company starting in late June. “In recent years, Dollamur has been awarded numerous contracts by multiple branches of  the government, including the United States Department of Defense. We are glad that the U.S. Army has chosen to once again rely on Dollamur,” said Don Ochsenreiter, President and CEO of Dollamur. “Combative training is an essential ingredient to soldier readiness.” Dollamur mats feature Flexi Connect, Dollamur’s patented innovative technology, that provides for easy installation and portability, a key purchasing criteria by the U.S. Army.

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    About Dollamur Based in Fort Worth, Texas and established in 1996, Dollamur Sport Surfaces is the largest global manufacturer and distributor of high-performance competitive sports flooring for wrestling, martial arts, mixed martial arts, Cross-Fit®, gymnastics and cheerleading. Dollamur mats are the preferred choice in hundreds of top-level sporting competitions each year throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, South America, Asia and the Middle East, including many national championships and Olympic-qualifying tournaments. To learn more visit www.dollamur.com.  

  • Foxcatcher’s Bennett Miller Wins Best Director at Cannes Film Festival

    Here at Dollamur we are very excited that Bennett Miller, the director of “Foxcatcher,” was recently awarded with the Best Director Award at Cannes Film Festival. As you may remember from a previous post, Dollamur provided the wrestling mats used throughout the film which stars Steve Carell, Sienna Miller, Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo.

    Based on Olympic wrestling gold medalist Mark Schultz’s autobiography, “Foxcatcher” tells the story about Olympic wrestling’s Schultz brothers. Foxcatcher is scheduled to hit theaters November 14, 2014.

    It has been so exciting for us at Dollamur to get to take part in film that tells the story of two wrestling legends. And not to mention the Oscar buzz the movie has been receiving, too.

    We can’t wait to see what other awards the movie and cast bring in!

  • Jiu jitsu mats set-up in seconds.

    Setting a tournament up used to take dozens of volunteers and time to lay everything out, and would return with complaints and injury reports on poorly set mats.

    Now with Flexi-connect mats by Dollamur setting up fight ready rings is easy. A BJJ tournament can come together with miminal staff in a matter of minutes and Dollamur mats can take any complaints or risk of a flooring related injury off of your plate.

    Check out how easy the set up is.

  • Great US OPEN Highlight by Geoffrey Riccio.

    Great U.S. Open Highlight by Geoffrey Riccio!

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