Dollamur Wrestling Mats News. Find out how Dollamur is promoting the sport of Wrestling and where Dollamur mats are being wrestled upon.


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  • BEST OF NAGA 2013!!!

    Dollamur Mats at Naga!

    BEST OF NAGA 2013 by levalloisport

  • Grappler's Quest & Dollamur Mats giving away Flexi-Connect 10'x10' Home mat

    Dollamur Mats is proudly partnering with Grappler's Quest at this year's

    Grappler's Quest World Series

    of Grappling and Juijitsu, Las Vegas


    Dollamur logograpplers quest

    Dollamur Mats, producer of the finest martial arts mat on earth, has partnered with tournament powerhouse Grappler's Quest to aid in the growing of submission fighting and juijitsu and provide mats for the Grappler's Quest World Series of Grappling and Juijitsu. This gigantic grappling event, being held November 16th, is hosting Grappler's from all over the world to walk away with $35,000 dollars in prizes to the victors.

    One lucky fighter will walk away with a 10'x10' foot Flexi-Connect Mat by Dollamur to take home and train with!

    FlexiRoll Mat

  • Some mats on the line...

    Check out some of these mats on the assembly line that are on their way to Europe.

    Platinum fighter MMA mats MMA mats martial arts mats Platinum Fighter MMA Mats

  • Wrestling wins Olympic Vote


    We at Dollamur are proud and excited by the International Olympic committees decision to continue to include Wrestling in it's rightful place among the top sports in the world top stage - the Olympic Games.

    The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Sunday announced it voted the sport of wrestling to remain in the Olympic program as a provisional sport at the 2020 and 2024 Olympic Games.  On the first vote, wrestling received 49 votes out of the 95 voters, receiving the majority of votes and winning on the first ballot.  Wrestling, which was already included in the 2016 Rio games, will next attempt to regain “core” sport status with the Olympics starting in 2028.

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  • Dollamur Athlete Marti Malloy - World Medalist

    A big congratulations to Dollamur Athlete Marti Malloy. who took silver at the Judo World Championships yesterday. Marti had a great day, and fought the finest Judo Players in the world's to lead to the finals.

    We at Dollamur support athletics on all levels and believe that those who participate in sports, athletics, and push themselves to new levels lead better lives because of it. Marti is a shining example of believing in your dreams and working to make them come true.

    Check out the Marti's limited edition practice mat from Dollamur Here!

    US Judo Press release Here.


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