Don't Sleep on Sleeper Jiu-Jitsu!

Sleeper Jiu Jitsu is a dojo out of Seattle, WA dedicated to supporting and teaching their students, old and young, the many different martial arts! Their unique world-class space is set up with Dollamur FLEXI-Connect Martial Arts Mats and FLEXI-Roll Wall Pads, alongside their lime green walls and atop their floated floor – This caught the Dollamur team’s eye and we reached out to learn a bit more about their studio.


Sleeper Jiu Jitsu and Their World Class Facility

My name is Cindy Hales and I opened Sleeper Jiu Jitsu in October 2019.  I have been teaching and competing in Jiu Jitsu for almost 20 years and have finally realized the dream of opening my own academy.  Sleeper Jiu Jitsu offers Gi and No Gi classes to kids and adults and our mission is to provide the local community with technical instruction in a safe and engaging environment.


A Dedicated Team That Never Sleeps

Sleeper Jiu Jitsu is a team of people striving to improve themselves, their lives and their communities through martial arts. We focus on the core concepts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Submission Grappling (no-gi) taught in a technical, structured and engaging environment. Learn more about our team here.

Our students are the heart and soul of our school.  We offer classes for people of all ages and experience levels and strive to support each student in achieving their personal goals by providing technical instruction in a safe and engaging environment.


Dollamur & Sleeper Jiu Jitsu

As we designed Sleeper Jiu Jitsu, we were able to hand pick every detail throughout the gym.  For our matted area, we chose 2" Dollamur FLEXI-Connect Mats set atop a floated floor made from recycled tires.  We also used FLEXI-Roll Wall Pads and had custom logos added to each.  The craftsmanship and performance of Dollamur mats made it an easy choice!


Working with the Dollamur Team 

Troy from Dollamur worked with us every step of the way to ensure that we received exactly what we needed.  He helped us with pricing, shipping and also offered great tips for unloading the mats into our new space and cleaning advice.  Troy and the Dollamur team were a pleasure to work with throughout the process.


The Future of Sleeper Jiu Jitsu

At Sleeper Jiu Jitsu, we believe in the many benefits Jiu Jitsu can bring to people's lives - from empowering students with self-defense strategies to improving each student's physical and mental health.  It is our goal to share Jiu Jitsu with our community in a technical, safe and engaging manner.


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