#WrestlingWednesday with St. Mary’s Wrestling

Dollamur Wrestling is committed to supporting the sport of wrestling worldwide. St. Mary’s Men and Women’s Wrestling program was excited to recently receive a brand new FLEXI-Connect Wrestling Mat, customized withtheir school logo! We were interested in learning a bit more about their program and community so we spoke with Coach Zach Weiss! 



St. Mary's wrestling, in the past 7 years, has seen much improvement and growth.  "We’ve had as few as 4 members on the team in the past, but have grown a solid team of 20+ at this point.  Constantly recruiting for the future, our male and female athletes all work hard to maintain solid involvement in the school, both academically and socially" said Coach Weiss.



CO-ED Program Gaining Notice in the Local Wrestling Community The St. Mary’s Wrestling Team

"The current team is led primarily by the Ash brothers.  These twins have taken to this sport and have immersed themselves in preparation and training with big goals in mind," said Weiss.  "This commitment in the offseason was very noticeable within the local wrestling community - Their signature style and character has done wonders for our programs visibility in the area.  We are a coed team, which has provided opportunities for young women to begin to enter the sport.  Going forward, our team will continue to strive to be one of the premier female wrestling programs in the area, as well as continuing to chase our goals on the male side of things."

Dollamur & St. Mary’s Wrestling

"The St. Mary’s Wrestling team recently got a new, gorgeous FLEXI-Connect® Wrestling mat - This thing is sick.  We will be treating it like the Christmas China your grandmother only takes out for the holidays and we will only be using it for competitions!" said Weiss.

"We are hosting a large female tournament on March 28th and it will be a big highlight to have that new mat there.  We’re excited to use the mat at our own duals, as well as being showcased at our league qualifier - having this mat brings a true sense of legitimacy to our program.  Since acquiring the new mat I have had countless coaches comment on how it is!"

Working with the Dollamur Team

“Jason Bross is the man.” – Coach Zach Weiss

Jason Bross is one of Dollamur’s wrestling sales professionals focusing on the New York and New Jersey areas.  If you’d like to learn who your state’s wrestling contact is, please click here.

The Future of St. Mary’s Wrestling

"The goal is a state championship!" added Weiss. "Until that is achieved by one of our wrestlers, that goal is at the forefront of our team.  We are also pushing to win the All Catholic tournament, which is our league qualifier.  Our team does not have the horses for dual meets necessarily, with new guys and JV guys filling some slots, but our tournament team is formidable and we hope to ride that to our school's first championship in over 25 years.  Also, we strive to win the Sportsmanship Award given out at the CHSAA tournament."


“Overall, my philosophy with wrestling is simple.  We work hard, we do nice things for people, we enjoy our time together.  Wrestling is the best sport in the world.  It sucks a lot. It's the best.” – Coach Zach Weiss


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