#FitnessFriday at Namaste Fitness

Are you familiar with Dollamur’s Yoga Flooring? If you’ve been to a yoga studio in the past few years, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced the comfort and stability of these mats resembling woodgrain hard-wood flooring! Our yoga flooring is quickly becoming the standard at professional yoga studios around the world.

Dollamur has been reaching out to our clients and customers in the hopes of really getting a feel of how they are enjoying Dollamur’s products and service and Namaste Fitness, out of Chula Vista, CA has been loving their floors!


About Namaste Fitness:

We opened Namaste Fitness on October 8, 2018. It came as an idea to offer Yoga and Fitness classes to our community in a space where they can practice judgement-free, in a supportive environment, family friendly space and with access to great instructors and a great facility. Me (Ana Hutz) and my husband Eric Hutz are the owners - I had been a stay-at-home mom for the past 6 years and after I started doing yoga in 2017, I fell in love with the practice and decided that one day I would love to take it to our community. We have 2 young children and this practice has turned into our third child and we made it our goal to spread wellness and health to the community we love. Being parents, the most important thing we can do for our children is to teach them about the importance of taking care of their body and mind. We have put our heart and soul into this project and we hope that when people walk through our doors they feel that love from everyone inside.

We have 3 studios inside our space and all 3 have Dollamur Yoga floors. Two of the rooms have regular temperatures and one room is always heated for our heated yoga classes. The temperature varies from 90 to 107 degrees. Both fitness and yoga classes are done in the rooms and the floors are our best feature – A few of the classes we offer are Yoga Sculpt, HIIT, TRX, Barre, Pilates and Yoga classes from non-heated yoga classes, to heated classes to meditation.

We also offer childcare, so of course our childcare room has Dollamur, it’s the best for the kiddos and the staff loves it since there’s a lot of floor play!


The Namaste Team:

Our team has over 30 members- We have instructors, desk staff and childcare staff. Most of them have been with us from the beginning (even before we opened our doors) and some have come along during this year. Some instructors only teach yoga, some only fitness and some excel at both. Our team is more than just employees, they are family and we all treat each other with respect, love and kindness. We have built a culture of tolerance, support and hard work at Namaste Fitness and everyone is responsible for doing their part and offering their support. We say all the time that without each other, we wouldn’t exist - It takes everyone’s individual work to make this successful team a well-oiled machine. You can meet the members of the Namaste Team – here.


Dollamur & Namaste Fitness

Our Dollamur Yoga Flooring is ½ inch Sandalwood color (woodgrain) roll. We had seen the tatami style in other studios but we wanted a “real hard-wood floor” look in our studio and we googled “padded flooring” and you guys came up first! We emailed the representative and she was always amazing, super helpful and patient and offered all the info we needed. We got a box of samples and tested them out, then we decided on what we ultimately purchased. We purchased it in August of 2018 to install in our studio in September/October.


Working with the Dollamur Team

We had a great experience with the Dollamur team!! Heidi Sonju helped us through every step of the way as we got info on the floors and then took our order over the phone and took great care of us. We had detailed questions that came from our contractor, like types of adhesive, moisture requirements, etc and she emailed us and gave us all the info we could have needed and worked extra hard to make sure we were taken care of.


The Future of Namaste Fitness

Our goal for Namaste Fitness is to continue to grow our community of students who visit us. We want to spread the message of wellness to as many people around us as we can. We receive so many compliments on the look of our studio, not just because it looks beautiful but because the energy you feel as you walk through the doors is light, it’s positive and it’s different from the “usual” yoga studio. We go above and beyond to provide excellent service and experience. We have been asked if we will open studio number 2, that is our goal in maybe 2 more years!


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