8 Ways to Stay Fit with your Family

When it comes to finding time to devote to your health and fitness, a lot of us are slacking – We’ll admit it! Add in taking care of a family and it could seem almost impossible to find the time. At Dollamur we care about your health and your family’s well-being so check out these fun ways to get out and get moving with the whole family!


1 – Go for a Hike

Even if you can’t make it out to the Grand Canyon or Yosemite National Park, we’re sure there are some great trails in your area! Taking the family for a hike is great for kids – Keep them healthy all while learning about nature and their surroundings!

2 – Bounce on the Trampoline

Now, we know what you’re thinking, but trampolines can be fun for all ages! Trampolines are a great source of cardio for you and your kids all while brushing up on their cheer and gymnastics skills. Did you know that an adult around 150 pounds can burn over 40 calories in just 10 minutes when jumping on the trampoline?

When the family is ready to start tumbling without the help of a trampoline, check out a Home Cheer Mat by Dollamur to keep them safe!

3 – Have a Beach Day

Swim in the ocean, throw around a football, go for a jog or just take some time to relax and enjoy your family. There are so many ways to get in a workout at the beach without even realizing you're benefiting your body – Plus, the kids will have a blast and you’ll make family memories to last a lifetime.

4 – Take a Family Bike Ride

Getting out for some fresh air is great for your mental and physical health! Add the exercise of pedaling a bike around and your whole family will be working out together – and we bet the kids will sleep great afterwards!

5 – Take the Dog for a Walk

Be sure to include everyone in the family – even your four-legged members – and explore the neighborhood. Maybe go a little bit off course and turn it into a quick after-dinner hike!

6 – Go Kayaking or Canoeing

Paddling around in a kayak or canoe is a fun workout that most don’t get to do every day and an adult can burn anywhere between 300 – 400 calories in a one-hour leisurely boat ride! Oh, and bonus – You can bring your furry family members too! Get in an upper body workout and jump in for a swim for an even more intense workout.

7 – Participate in a 5K

5K’s, and other races for a cause, are a great way to get out into the community, give back and get on top of your fitness! Going on daily walks before or after dinner is a great way to get your family ready for the run/walk. Check out a Dollamur 3’ x 6’ Fitness Mat to get in a quick stretch at home to warm up and prepare for the run!

8 – Visit the Neighborhood Pool or Rec. Center

Swimming is one of the best ways to stay in shape. Using your entire body with very little impact stress on your body builds endurance, muscle and cardio strength! Bring the kids out and participate in some swimming lessons and make it fun by playing a game or two!


Dollamur has home mats in all colors and sizes to help you focus on your fitness and fit your space – They’re also great for on-the-go! Visit our shop before you head out – Click Here.