Dollamur Mat Sizes - A Visual!


Dollamur mats aren’t only for the competition floor – They’re perfect for your home gym and some are even small enough to carry through the park to your outdoor workout. Use them for yoga, cross-training, functional fitness, wrestling, martial arts – The list goes on!

Just because the Dollamur home mats are smaller and more compact, does not mean they’re lacking in performance, quality or durability. All mats made by Dollamur are made from the same highly-resistant sports foam and anti-microbial vinyl and carpet surfaces as the mats you compete on – And they’re all made in the USA!

We are now offering home mat sizes in 3’ x 6’, 5’ x 10’, 10’ x 10’ (as two- 5’ x 10’ mats, side-by-side) or NEW 12’ x 12’ (as two 6’ x 12’ mats, side-by-side) with Dollamur’s FLEXI-Roll feature to make set up and storage easy! Finish your fitness space with one of these mats for the safest and best-looking home gym on the block.


Check out these options to get started:

3’ x 6’ FLEXI-Roll Yoga Mat

5’ x 10’ FLEXI-Roll Carpet Cheer Mat

5’ x 10’ FLEXI-Roll Fitness Mat

10’ x 10’ FLEXI-Connect Wrestling Mat

12’ x 12’ Tatami Home Martial Arts Mat