Dollamur's GymOTW - Polynesian Institute of Fighting Arts

martial arts, dollamurGym: Polynesian Institute of Fighting Arts

Location:  Murrieta, CA

Sport: Polynesian Kempo

Dollamur Mats Used: Dollamur FLEXI-Roll® Mats

Gym Highlights/Accolades:  Polynesian Institute of Fighting Arts specializes in combative and self defense fighting arts.  Students are taught techniques that involve pressure point striking, joint manipulations, stand up, take down, and ground offensive and defensive scenarios and counter attacks.  These techniques can be used in real world combative scenarios.  Master Hopkins is a 6th Degree Black Belt: Polynesian Kempo certified instructor.  He is also a 1st Degree Black Belt in Songahm Taekwondo.

martial arts, polynesian kempo

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