Five Questions with Alicia Bruce, Dollamur Cheerleading

Five Questions with Alicia Bruce, Dollamur CheerleadingAlicia Bruce Dollamur Cheerleading!

We took a couple of minutes with Alicia at Dollamur to find out what sets the Dollamur mats apart from the competition and find out why Dollamur continues to be the mats the pros compete on.

Thanks Alicia!

  1. What differentiates Dollamur cheerleading mats from competitors?

Quality and innovation. Our 6’x42’x1 3/8” blue mats ship out in just one business day.


  1. How have Flexi-Roll and Flexi-Connect technology positively changed the cheerleading industry?

Flexi-Roll and Flexi-Connect allow for fast and easy set up and breakdown. An entire competition mat can be assembled and disassembled in just minutes.    


  1. What safety certifications have Dollamur Cheerleading mats received?
    World Cheerleading Championships performance area Competition Area for the World Cheerleading Championships

Dollamur products meet and exceed multiple impact tests, such as ASTM F1081 and F355.


  1. Do Dollamur cheerleading surfaces come with a warranty?

 Dollamur mats have the best warranty in the industry – five years.


  1. How many cheerleading events per year are Dollamur mats present?

Dollamur cheer mats are used in hundreds of events around the world including Worlds in Orlando, FL and the European Cheer Union Championships in Bonn, Germany, which represents 23 countries. Dollamur is also the preferred mat for the Chinese Cheer Federation.