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Swain Hybrid Mats

Swain Hybrid Tatami Mats - Valente Brothers Jiu-Jitsu

Swain Hybrid Tatami Mats - Mike Swain

Swain Hybrid Tatami Mats - Marti Malloy

Swain Hybrid Mats by Dollamur

Swain Mats at American Top Team facility.

The ONLY choice for instructors who are serious about using the highest quality flooring system for their schools. 

Mike Swain (World Judo Champion, 4x Olympian) has been in the mat business for over 25 years. After many years of research he found that a majority of his customers had mixed feelings about the “Tatami Texture” vinyl on his mats. The “Tatami Texture” was perfect for the traditional martial arts practitioners, providing a non-slip surface that was the safest mat for pivoting without “sticking.” It was also a mat with some of the best impact absorption rates for big Judo throws. With that being said, many people in the grappling/martial arts community were not happy with the surface due to mat burns and increased work load trying to keep the mats clean.


Mike Swain and his team of engineers had to come up with a solution to meet the needs of all martial arts practitioners. The product was the Swain Hybrid Mat. All of the same quality workmanship and material that went into his mat for the last 25 years with a specially designed low profile tatami vinyl. This low profile tatami provides the ultimate flooring surface. Think 50% smooth 50% tatami. This new surface allows for pivoting on kicks, no slip, less mat burns and easier to clean. The hybrid mat puts an end the difficult options of smooth or tatami vinyl. School owners prefer it because it eliminates odors, enhances appearance, and is versatile enough for any style. Parents take comfort in it, knowing that their children are training on a forgiving floor.





SWAIN Hybrid Technology
Hybrid Tatami-Low Profile
A unique blend of smooth and traditional tatami for an innovative low profile.
Less Mat Burns
Less mat burns than traditional tatami while still maintaining traction.
Easier to Clean

The refined lower profile makes Swain Hybrid tatami easier to clean than traditional tatami.

Multiple MA Styles

Great for both gi and no-gi training and many other mixed martial arts styles. Shoes OK!



SWAIN Hybrid Sizes & Thickness
Swain Hybrid Tatami mats - Palmetto
1m x 1m and 1m x 2m Mats
1.5" (4cm) Thickness and 1" (2.5cm) Charcoal Gray Only
1m x 1m (3'3" x 3'3") and 1m x 2m (3'3" x 6'6") mats can easily be arranged fit your space wall to wall. 
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SWAIN Hybrid Colors
Swain Hybrid Tatami mat colors
Mix & Match
for a custom look
6 color options allow you to customize the look of your flooring.
SWAIN Hybrid Technology
Swain Hybrid mat tatami texture vs. traditional tatami
Traditional vs. Hybrid
Swain Hybrid takes the best of smooth surface technology and traditional tatami texture to provide a flooring system that is clean, safe and durable. 

Swain Hybrid Mats by Dollamur

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Swain Hybrid Tatami

Swain Hybrid Tatami have the traditional look of classic tatami mats.


Swain tatami

Perfect Traction, Low Profile vinyl


Swain Hybrid tatamis

Mats that are easier to clean, & leave less mat burns.


Swain Hybrid tatamis

Mix and Match Colors to create patterns and designs