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Financing Available

Dollamur Sport Surfaces offers leasing and financing options for customers purchasing our products in the US and Canada. To apply, simply fill out one of our online Application.

Why Crestmark Vendor Finance?

• Quick financing up to $150,000 with no financials required
• 24-hour turnaround or faster on your application
• Deferred and seasonal payments to match your cash flow cycle
• Financing terms from 12 - 60 months or longer
• Add or upgrade equipment over time w/ simple 1 page document
• Flexibility in building programs that meets your specific needs

Please contact Crestmark Vendor Finance or click on the application link below.

Eric Presser
Crestmark Vendor Finance
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Pompano Beach, Fl 33062

Phone: 954.934.0446

Fax: 954.934.0471

Toll Free: 800.949.0018 x 446