Patented FLEXI-Connect® Mat Connection System


Dollamur patented FLEXI-Connect® system has revolutionized the mat industry by eliminating the need for separate mat tape. With built-in hook and loop, you get a seamless mat and reduce setup and tear down time to just minutes. FLEXI-Connect® technology is offered across all sport divisions including Wrestling, Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Cheer and Fitness. FLEXI-Connect® mats are made of the same high quality material and commitment to quality that you have come to expect from Dollamur.

The FLEXI-Connect® mat eliminates the need for separate mat tape. If you do not have a dedicated space for training or competitions, the FLEXI-Connect® mat is the perfect choice. Set up your home training space in seconds -- a 10' X 10' home training mat can be set up in less than 60 seconds.

Are you looking for mats for events, camps of seminars? No more over-working your volunteers as they try to load and unload hundreds of heavy mats. Dollamur FLEXI-Connect® mats will save you time and money. The average High School spends over $1300 every year on tape! You can eliminate that expense with FLEXI-Connect®.

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  • FLEXI-Connect® Benefits:

  • Tapeless - Never Buy Mat Tape Again!
  • Reduces Your Setup and Tear Down Time to Minutes
  • Convenient, Safe & Simple
  • Lightweight, Durable & Portable
  • Eliminates Unsafe Gaps
  • Innovative, Patented Technology
  • Save Time & Money!


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