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Gym & Cheer Floors by Dollamur

The standard for Lightweight, fast-set up Carpet Mats available on the market today.

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Gym & Cheer Floors by Dollamur

The standard for Lightweight, fast-set up Carpet Mats available on the market today.

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Gym & Cheer Floors by Dollamur

The standard for Lightweight, fast-set up Carpet Mats available on the market today.


Gymnastics Mats with Dollamur FLEXI-Roll®

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The top teams in the nation all look to Dollamur mats to provide them with their Gymnastics flooring needs. Check out some of our users.

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No other mat on the market features the revolutionary connection system. The FLEXI-Connect® option is the new industry standard

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Gymnastics mats by Dollamur are built for the long haul and proven safe. Dollamur mats meet ASTM impact standards!

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Dollamur - We've Perfected the Forward Roll™

Gymnastics Mats by Dollamur have become the standard bearer for top performance athletic mats. As the country's leading Gymnastics and Cheerleading mat manufacturer, Dollamur FLEXI-Roll® Carpeted Mats use the highest quality materials to ensure maximum safety and long-lasting durability. Our closed-cell, cross-linked polyethylene foam provides excellent shock absorption and is flame laminated to the durable carpet surface for a virtually indestructible, long-lasting bond. We have the best warranty in the industry and our mats are used in some of the biggest events and schools in the country..

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Standard Trocellen Foam
(Cross-Linked polyethylene)

Dollamur carpeted floors are manufactured with closed-cell, cross-linked polyethylene foam. It is a sports foam renowned for the fact that it will absolutely not harden over time, maintaining maximum shock absorption and resiliency.

Thickeness Available:  5/8”, 1 1/4” and 1 7/8” inches

Tri-Flex® EVA Foam

Our Triflex® Foam Floors combine layer of cross-linked polyethylene foam with high-perfomance EVA foam to create a sports surface with extraordinary speed, rebound and shock absorption characteristics, providing safety to your athletes.

Thickeness Available: 1 1/2” and 2” inches



Standard Dollamur Floors are 42' x 42' and consist of seven 6' x 42' rolls.
Floors include white hook & loop for out-of-bounds lines.


Dollamur has 2 easy and safe ways to connect the sections of your Flooring Systems.




FLEXI-Connection system

The FLEXI-Connect® method is the newest innovation in sport surfaces technology. No other Mat can compare!

Standard Hook & Loop Fasteners

FLEXI-Connection system

Standard hook & loop mat fasteners are available in the color choice of your mat. Pick up extras in the Dollamur online store.



As the top provider of High Performance Carpeted Flooring in the United States

Dollamur has the widest variety of mat colors available:



Black Mat Swatch
Blue Mat Swatch
Red Mat Swatch


Purple Mat Swatch
Green Mat Swatch
charcoal Mat Swatch


light gray Mat Swatch
teal Mat Swatch




Dollamur can provide your team or school with a handmade carpeted logo mat. Take a look as some of the logos that Dollamur mats have created in the past:


Carpet Gym Logos
carpet logo
Cheerleading Mats


Gym mats Logo
Carpet logo Gym Mats
Gymnastics Flooring logos


Gymnastics Floor
Blue Mat Logo



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