FX Mat bonded carpet and foam spring floor for gymnastics


NEW! FX Mat by Dollamur

Bonded Carpet and Foam for Gymnastics Spring Floors


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Bonded carpet and foam with FLEXI-Roll® convenience. No need for separate carpet and foam. Wrinkle free.

Flexi-connect ICON
Built-in Hook & Loop


No other mat on the market features the Dollamur patented FLEXI-Connect® connection system. The new industry standard.

Safe & Strong

Built to Endure

Thick, 2" closed-cell, cross-linked foam. Highest quality materials offer safety and long-lasting durability.


Another Dollamur Innovation!

Your Gymnastics spring floors will spring to life faster than ever with the FX Mat℠ by Dollamur. No more need to lay down foam and stretch carpet across the top, which inevitably results in wrinkles.

FX Mat℠ by Dollamur takes the hassle—and wrinkles—out of your spring floors. Roll-out your FLEXI-Roll® 5' wide x 42' long bonded carpet and foam rolls to create a full spring floor in just minutes. With the patent FLEXI-Connect built-in hook & loop there is no need for time consuming seaming rolls together.

Roll-Out —— FLEXI-Connect® —— Go!

You have a seamless, durable, spring floor that is wrinkle free.

FX Mat by Dollamur Gymnastics Spring Floor


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