GymTurf® for Fitness and Gyms

GymTurf Indoor Fitness Tracks

GymTurf Indoor Fitness Tracks

GymTurf® for Fitness and Gyms

Indoor Sports Turf - GymTurf® Turf Tracks & Sled Tracks

High performance, durable turf and sled tracks to enhance your fitness area and gym. GymTurf® Track rolls come in 25 ft. or 50 ft. lengths x 5 ft. wide and 5/8" high density athletic foam backing. For wider widths, tracks can be connected with Dollamur patented FLEXI-Connect®, built-in hook and loop. GymTurf is portable or can be permanently installed in your indoor gym or fitness area. GymTurf can be rolled out and rolled up to store easily. GymTurf® can also be semi-permanently installed in a dedicated fitness area for a wall-to-wall, seamless layout. High-density athletic foam ensures you have the perfect padded surface for your athletic needs.

GymTurf Sled Tracks


GymTurf Indoor Turf Fitness & Sled Tracks

See how Epic Fitness uses Dollamur Turf Tracks and FLEXI-Roll Tatami Flooring

Transform your fitness area with GymTurf® Tracks.

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GymTurf Sled Tracks

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