Patented FLEXI-Connect® Built-in, Tape-less Mat Connection System

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Never Buy Tape Again!

Save Money. No need for rolls and rolls of mat tape to connect a FLEXI-Connect® mat.

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Reduces Setup Time

You can setup and tear down a full size mat in just minutes. A convenience like never before.


Safe and Simple

Eliminate unsafe mat gaps with built-in hook & loop fastening. Your mat is virtually seamless!


FLEXI-Connect® Mat Connection System

Dollamur patented FLEXI-Connect® system has revolutionized the mat industry by eliminating the need for separate mat tape. With built-in hook and loop, you get a seamless mat and reduce setup and tear down time to just minutes. FLEXI-Connect® mats are made with the same high quality materials and commitment to quality that you have come to expect from Dollamur. FLEXI-Connect® mat technology is offered across all sport divisions including Wrestling, Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Cheer and Fitness.

Full size or home mats, FLEXI-Connect® is a top choice. Eliminate unsafe gaps and the added expense of mat tape with a seamless mat connection. Training, school and competition dedicated space is not always an option, the FLEXI-Connect® mat offers a quick and convenient solution by reducing setup and tear down time to minutes. The average High School spends over $1300 every year on tape! You can eliminate that expense with FLEXI-Connect®.

Need a lightweight, portable personal training mat? The FLEXI-Connect® Home Mat allows you to set up your home training space in seconds -- a 10' X 10' home training mat can be set up in less than 60 seconds.





  • FLEXI-Connect® Benefits:

  • Tapeless - Never Buy Mat Tape Again!
  • Reduces Your Setup and Tear Down Time to Minutes
  • Convenient, Safe & Simple
  • Lightweight, Durable & Portable
  • Eliminates Unsafe Gaps
  • Innovative, Patented Technology
  • Save Time & Money!


Tatami Color Options

Smooth Color Options

Gold  Charcoal
Royal Blue  Tatami Green
Black  Red
Royal Blue Red Gold Black
Orange Maroon White Charcoal Grey
Navy Violet Brown Dark Green
Light Grey Carolina Blue


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