Dollamur Rock Wall, Bouldering & Sport Climbing Carpet Flooring

Rock Wall, Bouldering and Climbing Wall Padded Carpet Flooring

Dollamur Roll Carpet Color for 2018 - Maroon

Bonded Carpet Flooring for Indoor Rock, Bouldering & Sport Climbing

Dollamur Sport Surfaces is a leading manufacturer of Fitness flooring for active athletes and top-rated gyms world-wide. Highly durable, low-impact padded flooring helps protect students by offering maximum performance, shock absorption and stability. Dollamur is able to provide multiple surfaces throughout your indoor climbing gym such as carpet bonded foam that easily fits around walls and angles, padded vinyl floors for stretching, yoga and strength training, multiple turf options, and roll or tile rubber flooring. Dollamur is the preferred flooring for sport climbing, rock and bouldering gyms, boot camps, multi-sport facilities, functional fitness and weight rooms because of our quality, performance and customizing ability.

Innovative, proprietary products and a commitment to technological advancements in production have enabled Dollamur to set new industry standards for the sport flooring industry. Based in Fort Worth, Texas and established in 1996, Dollamur is the mat choice in hundreds of top-level sporting competitions each year throughout the World, including national and global championships and Olympic-qualifier tournaments. Proudly made in the USA. Please Contact Us for your FREE design assistance and price quote!


Dollamur Fitness Flooring is cushioned by 1 3/8" or 2" of closed-cell, cross-linked high performance athletic foam. Available in 8 color options.


Closed-cell, cross-linked foam does not break down from repeated bending or compression. Non-FLEXI-Roll® mats with professional grade 26oz. carpet, flooring can withstand the most demanding workout.

Padded & Flexible

Dollamur Rock & Bouldering Carpet can be installed and trimmed around climbing walls to maximize your workout area. Available in 6ft. wide by any length* rolls, installation is fast and easy.




Low Impact, High Performance Flooring

Whether you need a single length roll or wall-to-wall flooring, Dollamur can assist in finding the best solution for your location. Contact a Sales Representative for more information.

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Carpet Flooring Specifications:

•  Surface: Non-FLEXI-Roll® 26 oz. durable carpet

•  Foam: 1 3/8" or 2" closed-cell, cross-linked foam

•  Low Impact: Durable and cushioned, able to withstand the toughest demands

•  Logo Option: Customize your carpet flooring with your inlaid logos. Promote your brand with every social snap.

•  Layout: 6' wide rolls x ANY LENGTH; custom shapes and cuts (*minimum length 36 linear ft. to place a custom order)

•  Connection Option: Hook tape fastening. Can be moved and re-positioned as needed.

•  FREE Design and Price Quote

•  Manfacturing: Made in the U.S.A.

•  Warranty: 3-year Limited Warranty

•  Part #s Sport Climbing & Rock Wall: 1-3/8" - 114CcccANF, 2" - 178CcccANF [Non-FLEXI-Roll®]

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Maroon Mat Swatch

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