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Carpet Flooring for Fitness, Bootcamp and Obstacle Ninja Training

The perfect padded, low-impact, shock absorbing carpet for your fitness training. Serious training or just having a fun workout, fitness carpet that will stand up to any demand provides a stable but forgiving surface allowing students to focus on the workout. As a gym owner, you get a durable, high performance mat available 9 color choices to promote your style and brand. As the largest retailer of bonded carpet fitness flooring, we take great pride in providing innovative and durable sport surfaces for our clients. Dollamur has been the recognized industry leader in high performance sport surfaces since 1996 and all our products are manufactured in the U.S. In addition to the best materials, the workmanship that goes into each mat is unsurpassed. Please Contact Us for your FREE design assistance and price quote!

*shown above with Dollamur patented FLEXI-Connect® - Built-in hook and loop connection. LEARN MORE >


Dollamur Fitness Flooring is cushioned by 1 3/8" or 2" of closed-cell, cross-linked high performance athletic foam which provides cushioned comfort and maximum shock absorption for your clients.


Cross-linked foam does not break down from repeated bending or compression. FLEXI-Roll® and Non-FLEXI-Roll® with professional grade 26oz. carpet, flooring can withstand the most demanding fitness workout.

Fitness Flooring

Dollamur Fitness Flooring can be installed
wall-to-wall to maximize your workout area.
Available in 6ft. wide by any length* rolls,
installation is fast and easy.




Low Impact, High Performance Flooring

Whether you need a single length roll or wall-to-wall flooring, Dollamur can assist in finding the best solution for your location. Contact a Sales Representative for more information.

Close up of Fitness flooring

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wrestling mats by dollamur
Transition Edges
Protect the end of your mats by covering exposed foam with a clean transition of matching carpet.
wrestling mats by dollamur Carpet bonded foam edge pieces attach easily with hook & loop touch fastening. Sold separately.
wrestling mats by dollamur Specs: 5" x 72" x 1 3/8". Colors: Red, Navy and Charcoal Gray. 
wrestling mats by dollamur Ideal for fitness carpet and boot camps


Carpet Flooring Specifications:

•  Surface: FLEXI-Roll® and Non-FLEXI-Roll® 26 oz. durable carpet

•  Foam: 1 3/8" or 2" closed-cell, cross-linked foam

•  Low Impact: Durable and cushioned, able to withstand the toughest demands

•  Logo Option: Customize your carpet flooring with your inlaid logo

•  Layout: 6' wide rolls x ANY LENGTH; custom shapes and cuts (*minimum length 36 linear ft. to place a custom order)

•  Connection Option: FLEXI-Connect® built-in hook and loop fastener - no need for extra hook

•  FREE Design and Price Quote

•  Manfacturing: Made in the U.S.A.

•  Warranty: 3-year Limited Warranty

•  Part #s Fitness & Bootcamps: 1-3/8" - 114CcccA, 2" - 178CcccA

•  Part #s Climbing & Rock Wall: 1-3/8" - 114CcccANF, 2" - 178CcccANF [Non-FLEXI-Roll®]

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Heidi Sonju: 833-311-4529

Chuck Jefferson: 800-662-4616

Padded Carpet Colors

Maroon Mat Swatch

Black Mat Swatch
Blue Mat Swatch
Red Mat Swatch
Purple Mat Swatch


Green Mat Swatch
charcoal Mat Swatch
light gray Mat Swatch
teal Mat Swatch

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Dollamur Fitness Carpet Flooring

Carpet fitness flooring for training and boot camp centers


Dollamur Fitness Carpet Rig Flooring

Add padded floors for rigs and bootcamp functional fitness


Dollamur Boxes and Functional Fitness Carpet Flooring

Bonded carpet flooring for boxes, fitness and multi-use facilities



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