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  • Flexi-Roll Home mat Brochure

    We at Dollamur are constantly working to show the sporting world that we are the best choice for Wrestling Mats, Martial Arts Mats, Cheerleading, Gymnastics Mats, and the new Fitness Mats. If you need  a safe floor or surface that is microbial resistant for hard work and training purposes. You will not find a better mat than a Dollamur. They simply don't exist. Take a look at our new Flexi-Roll Home mat Brochure check out Dollamur Athlete Marti Malloy as a featured model/athlete.

    Our Flexi-Roll home mats have been going off the shelves in Europe. Dollamur Mats are the most respected by those who know hard work and training.

    Home Mat Brochure Dollamur Home Mat Brochure

  • Demo 42'x42'x2" Carpet Gymnastics mat w/Flexi-Connect™

    Carpet Demo Mats for Cheer and Gym



    Available for a limited time - Demo 42'x42'x2" Carpet Gymnastics mats with Flexi-Connect™ 

    Gymnastics mat by Dollamur - For More Information - Call Alicia Bruce - 800-520-7647  x1405.

  • Camo Wrestling mats - Wounded Warrior Project™

    Dollamur Wrestling Mats

    Wrestling mats at Fort Belvoir   wrestling mats at Fort belvoir

    Dollamur Sport Surfaces is a proud supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project™.  Our wrestling mats have helped many of the troops at Fort Belvoir and around the globe. A percentage of sales from the Dollamur desert tan camo wrestling mat will be donated to the WWP.  Donations to the WWP help thousands of injured warriors returning home from the current conflicts and to provide assistance to their families. As the number of wounded steadily increases, it is easy to see how the needs of these brave individuals also increase. We at Dollamur continues to support our troops and hope to see them on the mat.

    Dollamur Camo Mat

    Check Out our WWP Camo Wrestling Mats



  • 'Arnold Classic' Smooth Mats for Sale.

    The Same Mats Used the the Arnold Classic - At the ADCC Pro Qualifier.

    For information Call 800.662.4616 - or email

    IMG_2438 IMG_2451 IMG_2450

  • Dollamur Mats Blog

    We at Dollamur are committed to the safety and growth of our sports. Every mat that we make is sent with the intention of having our athletes train, and perform at their peak level and are able to give 110% both on and off the mat. We believe that participation in athletics makes for a better community, team, and overall better young men and women. Whether your sport be gymnastics, or martial arts; wrestling, or fitness, when you push yourself to be your best on the mat, success off the mat is that much more attainable.  Dollamur mats goal is to keep you healthy and striving for more by providing a clean, and safe environment to perform on.


    Good luck & Keep training!



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