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  • 5 Questions with Jack Roller from World of Wrestling

    Dollamur got with World of Wrestling’s, Jack Roller to ask a few questions about his background and experience in wrestling. Jack became involved in youth wrestling in 1979 when his oldest son was recruited for an elementary wrestling team by their head coach. Since then Jack has continued to direct wrestling tournaments and publish award-winning publications. He began the World All Star Team which was selected to give recognition to young wrestlers/


    Q1: How did you get started in the sport of wrestling? 

    A1: “The wrestling coach needed a heavyweight so he recruited my oldest son.  I was against it at first, but when we got all 4 of our sons into the sport, I started noticing what it did for them.  Their young bodies really began developing strength and muscle tone that helped them in all sports.  I was sold then!”


    Q2: Tulsa Nationals is one of the longest running tournaments in the country.  When did you start it and why?

    A2: “I was president of Tulsa Junior Wrestling Association when a lot of the local clubs decided to do away with the association.  They had run the Tulsa Nationals for years, and that would have ended 24 years of tradition.  Our local club helped finance the deal, and we took it over.  The following year, my wife and I paid the club back and have ran the Tulsa Nationals for 40 years since then.  The first year we ran it, we had approximately 680 entries, and now it has grown to 2,800 entries from 45 states.”


    Q3: Who are some of the most prominent wrestlers to compete in a World of Wrestling tournament?

    A3: “John Smith, Kenny Monday, Spencer Lee, David Taylor, J'den Cox, Tony Ramos, B Jordan, Isaiah Martinez, Bo Nickal. Zahid Valencia, Aaron Pico, Logan Stieber, Daton Fix, Kendal Cross, Johnny Hendricks, & Brandon Slay to name a few...”


    Q4: After so many years of running great tournaments, what keeps you coming back for more? 

    A4: “The smiles on the parents, grandparents and wrestler's faces when they receive the greatest awards in our sport.  We spent over $73,000 on awards and ceremonies last year - That was only 3 events and 1 dual tournament.  Our main goal is to make each child think they’ve just wrestled in the Olympics.”


    Q5: Why did World of Wrestling decide to partner with Dollamur for their events? 

    A5: “We feel that success breeds success, and for years Dollamur has been a leader in the mat industry.  They were the very first mats we ever purchased and they’ve lasted forever.  If we marry in with a company, they must treat the customers fair with integrity and credibility.  We are proud to call Dollamur our official mat company!”


  • German Wrestling Federation (DRB) and Dollamur Sport Surfaces Announce New Partnership!

    (FORT WORTH, Texas) – Dollamur Sport Surfaces (Dollamur) – the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of high-performance sport surfaces for wrestling, martial arts, gymnastics, cheerleading, and fitness – was selected to partner with The German Wrestling Federation (Deutscher Ringer Bund/DRB) as the Official Mat Supplier for wrestling mats.

    The Partnership through Dollamur’s German partner, the Dortmund-based company Maximum Martial Arts Distribution GmbH, has been initially agreed to continue through 2024.

    Dollamur has official partnerships with USA Wrestling, United World Wrestling, USA Judo, North American Grappling Association and FFL France, among others. Dollamur surfaces can be found in professional, intercollegiate, clubs and military facilities world-wide. It supplies mats to 130-plus UFC Gyms across the U.S. and more than 400 sports events, schools and championship in 89 countries.

    "This partnership is something completely new for the German Wrestling Sport and will be followed with great interest throughout Europe. As a company based in Dortmund, Germany, we are very proud to be the bridge between the DRB and the US manufacturer Dollamur Sport Surfaces, and to be able to supply the German championships and state associations, with mat products through our logistics infrastructure", explains Markus Liedtke, Managing Director of Maximum Martial Arts.

    "Wrestling in Germany faces many challenges, and we would like to thank Manfred Werner, the entire DRB board, and Karl-Martin Dittmann, General Secretary, for trying something new with this step," continues Markus Liedtke.

    The DRB, the national associations, the clubs and gyms as members of the DRB, can benefit from the partnership when it comes to the purchase or rent of a Dollamur wrestling mats immediately.


    About Dollamur

    Based in Fort Worth, Texas and established in 1996, Dollamur Sport Surfaces is the leading global manufacturer and distributor of high-performance competitive sports flooring for wrestling, martial arts, MMA, gymnastics, cheerleading, fitness and other sport activities. Innovative, proprietary products and a commitment to technological advancements in production have enabled Dollamur to set new industry standards for the sport mat industry. Dollamur mats are the preferred choice in hundreds of top-level sports competitions, including many national championships and Olympic-qualifying tournaments each year throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, South America, Asia and the Middle East.


    Jean Francois Court
    Sales Manager, International Division of Dollamur
    US 954-643-0850

  • Dollamur Mat Makeover

    St. Amant High School Announced as Mat Makeover Winner

    flexi-roll, Flexi-connect, Wall pads

    As part of Dollamur's 20th anniversary, we wanted to give something back to the wrestling community.  We searched for the most deserving wrestling program we could find.  Coaches, athletes, and parents from around the country sent in pictures and explanations as to why their program was the most deserving of a new wrestling room.  With multiple entries for St. Amant high school, they were chosen as one of the finalists.  We then asked the wrestling community to vote for the finalist they found most deserving.  With the highest number of votes, St. Amant was chosen as our Mat Moment winner.  The St. Amant Gators received new FLEXI-Connect® wrestling mats and FLEXI-Roll® wall pads for their wrestling room.  Read more about the contest here: http://www.weeklycitizen.com/news/20170207/st-amant-wrestling-gym-gets-makeover.

    Flexi-roll, wrestling mat, Flexi-connect, wall pad

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