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  • Dollamur's GymOTW - Pettis Martial Arts

    Gym: Pettis Martial Arts

    Location: Saint Francis, Wisconsin

    Sport: Martial Arts and Fitness

    Dollamur Customer Since: 2015

    Dollamur Mats Used: FLEXI-Roll®

    Gym Highlights/Accolades: Home gym of former UFC Lightweight Champion Anthony Pettis and UFC Fighter Sergio Pettis.

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  • Dollamur's GymOTW - Palmetto Martial Arts School

    Gym: Palmetto Martial Arts School

    Location: Easley, SC

    Sport: Martial Arts

    Dollamur Customer Since: 2015

    Mats Used: Swain Hybrid Mats by Dollamur

    Gym Highlights/Accolades: Palmetto Martial Arts School founder and senior instructor is Master John Roberson, a Level II USAT Olympic TKD coach and a 6th Dan Black Belt.  The school is a sport Tae Kwon Do School affiliated with the WTF and USAT.  Master John Roberson places a high emphasis on "Olympic Style Tae Kwon Do", Self Defense, and Character Development.



    "I had been fighting cheap puzzle mats for years. If you have ever had puzzle mats enclosed between two walls then you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. The floor ends up “Growing”. It was like stepping on dough, the more my students worked out on it the flatter and longer it became. It would start bowing up and bubbles would form. The only solution was to constantly cut a foot or two off the floor every few months. Over the years this got old. I knew that when it was time to get another floor it would not be one like that.

    Several martial arts instructors that I know suggested that I get the Swain Hybrid Mats. I looked into it and I liked what I saw. They were considerably more than standard puzzle mats however, you get what you pay for and if you are a serious Martial Arts School then you understand that quality matters. When I received the floor I was really impressed! These are some quality mats. They were really thick with an incredible backing on the bottom so they won’t slide. Another thing that impressed me was that the floors were really soft but also firm. In Taekwondo training this is really important because we have to be able to pivot and cut angles without slipping and falling. The final test (And most important) was what my students thought about the new floor because most people hate change. So far every one of them have loved it! No complaints at all.

    I will never buy any other kind of floor for my school.


    Master Roberson"

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  • Dollamur's GymOTW - Advantage BJJ Martial Arts and Fitness - Alliance

    Advantage BJJ Martial Arts and Fitness - Alliance

    Location:  Houston, TX

    Sport: Alliance BJJ, TRX Fitness Training, and Yoga

    Dollamur Customer Since: 2015

    Dollamur Mats Used:
     FLEXI-Connect® Flooring and FLEXI-Roll® Wallpads

    Gym Highlights/Accolades:  Advantage BJJ has a floating floor built on motorcycle tires.  Nothing is touching the ground other than the tires.  They are an Alliance Jiu Jitsu School which is the 10x World Champion Team in Jiu Jitsu.

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  • Dollamur's StudioOTW - The Shift


    Studio: The Shift

    Location: Henderson, NC

    Sport: Yoga, Trampoline, Slack line, Dance, Meditation, and More!

    Dollamur Mats Used: Flexi-Connect® Flooring with custom artwork.

    Dollamur Customer Since: 2015

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  • Dollamur's StudioOTW - FIT Studio Yoga|Barre|Sculpt

    Studio: FIT Studio  Yoga|Barre|Sculpt

    Location: Bryant, Arkansas

    Sport: Yoga

    Dollamur Customer Since: 2015

    Dollamur Mats Used: 3/4" Yoga Flooring - Natural

    Studio Highlights/Accolades:  FIT Studio is a boutique studio specializing in barre, yoga, and conditioning.  Classes offered: Flow Yoga, Barre, Strength Training, Abs and Assets, Fit Boxing, Tabata, Body Butter, and many more!



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  • Dollamur's GymOTW - Midtown Krav Maga

    Gym: Midtown Krav Maga

    Location: Memphis, TN

    Sport: Krav Maga

    Dollamur Customer Since: December 2014

    Dollamur Mats Used: Puzzle Mats

    Gym Highlights/Accolades: Krav Maga offers life-changing fitness with the added challenge and benefit of learning a practical, effective self-defense system.  Combining world-proven self-defense with an intense system of conditioning, Midtown Krav Maga brings the best of a Martial Arts studio and a gym into one facility.

    Testimonials: December 2014- "Before I bought my mats from Dollamur, I shopped pretty extensively getting samples from several dealers. When I ordered from Dollamur I was confident I was getting the best pad for the money. Their 1" pad was thicker than another brands's 1" pad and cheaper. My salesperson Troy gave helpful service and the process was simple. I'll be back at Dollamur when we expand into our big dream location. Our school is primarily Krav Maga and kick boxing but we also do fitness training. Every aspect of our training area has been enhanced by adding a padded floor. A+"

    July 2015- "We've used the 1" puzzle mats for 6 months at our Krav Maga school. First I'd like to state that we train in gym shoes at my Krav Maga school - no barefoot training. The 1" puzzle mats have held up great under training with shoes. In fact, I like them better now that they're broken in a little. There is a minor waxy finish on the mats from the factory which wears off with use making a perfect traction surface. Users concerned by the slick surface when they're first installed will see that go away with use. They're also softer now that they're broken in, making a perfect cushion for fall breaks and light ground work. We don't do wrestling or judo throws such as hip tosses but we do leg sweeps and fall breaks and light ground work and it's perfectly comfortable for that. The surface is "puncturable", but we drop dumbbells and kettle bells on the pads with no punctures. Where there has been punctures it doesn't affect the performance of the pad at all. I'm 100% satisfied with the 1" puzzle mats for our purpose."


    More info here.

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