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  • Beautiful Carpet Logo.

    This Beautiful logo made by the staff at Dollamur has just come off the line and is on it's way to Belarus. black fox logo cheerleading

  • Gymnastics Mats are looking Good at Texas Dreams

    Texas Dreams Gymnastics Mats

    Check out the new Dollamur Gymnastics Mats at the Texas Dreams Facility outside of Dallas, Texas.

    gymnastics mats




    Gymnastics Training Center. Home of 1st US AA World Gold Medalist Kim Zmeskal (Burdette) and her husband Chris Burdette.

    Coppell, TX · http://www.texasdreams.com

  • World Cheerleading Championships in Orlando

    World Cheerleading Championships in Orlando use Dollamur Mats.

    last weekend, Dollamur Mats set up 9 mats for the world Cheerleading Championships in Orlando, FLA. 2 Competitions Floors 7 practice areas.

    Follow at http://www.usasf.net/

  • Cheer Athletics in Texas drilling on Dollamur Mats

    The Crew over at Cheer Athletics in Plano, Texas, works hard to consistently end up at the top rankings and the finals at the USASF competitions.

    Cheer Athletics, founded in 1994 by co-founders Jody Melton and Angela Rogers, has grown to one of the largest and most respected cheer organizations in the business. The Cheer Athletics facility, located in Plano, Texas would be the envy of any Cheerleading, Gymnastics Squad, or Dance team, with Dollamur Carpeted Mats to protect their athletes. The training center of cheer athletics is we regarded as one of the finest out there for Cheerleading, and Dance training. Check it out, and see what Dollamur mats can do to make your facility state of the art.


    Also check our cheer athletics at http://www.cheerathletics.com/

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