Getting the Full BioSport PT Experience with Dollamur Turf

Dollamur is known around the world for more than just wrestling and martial arts mats. One of our most popular segments is Turf! Dollamur turf is used for not only sports fields and batting cages, but indoor fitness facilities, weighted sled tracks and Physical Therapy offices. BioSport PT is a Physical Therapy office out of Modesto, CA that has recently started benefiting from Dollamur’s customizable PT Turf and plans to expand their reach to new cities and patients in the near future with their turf alongside their knowledgeable team!


The BioSport Experience

I started BioSport back in 2004, soon after finishing physical therapy school. I struggled finding a place to work that utilized the concept of "patient first." It motivated me to open a location where I could offer the patient a pleasant experience from the first moment they contact the office until the day they are discharged. If you have had a chance to visit any of our prior locations, you would pick up on the attention to detail that helps to create our full patient experience. Even the color of the walls is designed to help you escape from your condition. BioSport does its’ best to uplift our patients and additionally treat the mind, not just the injured limb.


The One-on-One Approach

When it comes to team members, I filter out potential employees that have strong work ethics and a thirst for knowledge. As owner I find it extremely important to up-train all of my employees and challenge them to step outside of their comfort zone. The sharper they become, the better BioSport becomes in helping patients recover. Every potential hire has to be capable of producing that ‘Disney’ experience - The kind of experience where the patient almost forgets why he/she is there and their Physical Therapy becomes an afterthought.


The Dollamur Turf & Team

We purchased the turf designed for sleds and aggressive foot work. The Team at Dollamur was fantastic, helpful and patient when it came time to buy. I drew up exactly what I wanted on the turf and they delivered. I wanted functional ladders and other designs that my therapy team utilizes with patients. The color scheme and layout was exactly how I drew it up. In addition to all the sports, balance and functional training we do on the turf, it also acts as eye candy for our marketing to potential patients.  I look forward to my next expansion, since this turf will be a key feature to all of our future offices.


Looking into the Future of BioSport

My Future goals for BioSport PT are to franchise the company to physical therapists who have previously worked for me and were able to master the BioSport way. We groom all our therapists to be potential owners and teach them the way we feel it should be done. As I develop my CEO skills, I am able to be more of a business mentor which is a trait most therapists lack.


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