AHT is Bringing Functional Fitness Spaces to their Communities

Dollamur’s GoFitTurf is serving as the focal point of Achilles Heel Training, alongside their FIT-TECH Rubber Flooring! Making sure to have the best equipment for your athletes and trainers should be at the top of the to-do list of any fitness facility owner and the owners of AHT have delivered for their members (and Dollamur was more than happy to help)!


AHT is Providing Non-Judgmental Functional Fitness Spaces for their Community

Achilles Heel Training first opened its doors on January 1, 2019. We were given the keys to our location on October 15, 2018 and made it a point to be open on January 1st because it is one of the most popular times for gyms to be open. We wanted to ensure we could offer a place for new gym goers to attend.

Brittany Rabuano and Kevin Valente are the founders of Achilles Heel Training, also known as AHT for short. AHT started as a website, then we began with a few apparel items and now a full functioning facility.

AHT offers a specialized program called Pillar that encompasses all different realms and levels of fitness, as well as a Group Exercise program that includes classes like; HIIT, Bootcamp, Killer Kettlebells, Butts & Guts and much more. We also offer personal and small group training per request and availability of our trainers.


A Team of Herculean Strength

We are currently building a strong team and we hand select who we hire. We want our team to be honest, loyal, passionate and driven. We currently have a small staff but we strive to create an environment that is positive, uplifting and with open communication.

If you’d like to Meet the Team – Click here.


How AHT is Leading the Pack with Dollamur’s Functional Fitness Flooring

We purchased personalized turf flooring from Dollamur as well as our rubber red speck flooring that covers our entire facility!

We use our turf every single day - especially for our Bootcamp classes with our sled push station! Our clients love it - It is clean, durable and fits nicely as a main center piece of our facility. Our turf arrived in December of 2018 only a month before our Grand Opening. The red speck rubber flooring came at the same time and has really made a huge impact on our training.


Dollamur – Making your Life Easier at AHT

Kevin worked regularly with Tommy Sams of the Dollamur team. Tommy was great at communicating, kept us up to date with where the Dollamur team was with our order and the shipping process. Tommy was available when we needed him and made ordering these very important pieces of our gym a breeze!

Dollamur & Tommy made it a point to ensure everything was correct on our turf, as far as sizing of the letters, the compass placement and how we wanted it to look/pop in our gym. The flooring is great, we have had no issues with any of the items purchased from Dollamur.


The Future of Achilles Heel Training

Our future goals with AHT are to continue making an impact in the fitness industry and community. We are truthful with our clients and never try to pull one over on them. Our clients and members become friends, and their loyalty and commitment to their health and fitness is unlike others we have seen at any other gyms.

As of recently, we announced our 2nd Location, opening April 13th in Marcellus, NY! It is very early in our journey, and we are grateful of such opportunity so early on.

“Watch for some orders coming your way soon Dollamur!”

Additionally, we envision having AHT’s around the US in the following states: Florida, Colorado, California, Washington and obviously New York.

We dream big, we work hard, we are honest and we are driven to help as many people as we can!!


Dollamur products found at Achilles Heel Training:

Dollamur GoFitTurf

FIT-TECH Rubber Fitness Flooring