Fall-Inspired Fitness

Now that you can step outside and take a stroll outside without breaking into a sweat (here in Texas, anyways), it’s time to bring your workout outdoors! Roll out your 3’ x 6’ Dollamur mat, grab a quick stretch and then head out and have some fun – while bettering your physical and mental health! Bring along the kids or a workout buddy to make sure they’re making the best of the nice fall weather too.



Biking is a great workout any time of the year, but getting out and enjoying the scenery is particularly great during the autumn season when the leaves are changing – Did we mention that it isn’t 100 degrees out anymore?

Bring the Kids to the Park

They need to blow off some steam too – Get the kids out of the house and let them run around the park with friends for an hour or two. Bring along a book or just relax and breathe in the fresh autumn air.

Charity Walks

This time of year there are Charity Walks and Runs all over the country benefiting families and communities as the holidays approach. If you can’t participate in a walk or run, try volunteering for an organization dedicated to assisting and supporting a cause that’s important to you!

Rake up the Leaves

If the leaves have changed and are already falling, get outside and clean them up! Really – raking is great cardio! Make it fun and rake up a pile for the kids to jump through to get them outside and active too.

Hike up a Mountain

Another chance to get out and enjoy the scenery! Grab a friend and head out to a park or nature preserve and take a hike through the hills. Enjoy the nature, the fresh air and the burn of the workout!

Yoga in the Park

Never tried yoga? Don’t worry – Check out Dollamur’s 6 Yoga Poses for Beginner Yogi’s and head out to your local park and join in a Yoga in the Park session. Yoga is all about relaxation and restoration, so be sure to focus on breathing the fall air in deeply.

Prefer hot yoga? – Well, maybe just wait until summer rolls back around!

Pumpkin Patch

Try this season favorite and take a ride to your local pumpkin patch! Run through the corn maze with your family and choose the biggest pumpkin to take home and carve.


A lot of kids have jumped back into their fall season sports at school, like wrestling and cheerleading! We know they like to practice at home, so why not bring the workouts outside. Keep them safe with a Home Wrestling Mat or a Carpeted Practice Mat – Easy to roll out and clean up after practice!