Dollamur's Gym OTW - Spectrum Martial Arts Academy

Dollamur, Spectrum Martial Arts, Flexi-roll

Gym: Spectrum Martial Arts AcademySpectrum Martial Arts, Dollamur, Flexi-roll

Location: Kearneysville, WV

Sport: Mixed Martial Arts (Submission Grappling, Kickboxing, Self Defense)

Dollamur Mats Used: FLEXI-Roll® mats withFLEXI-Connect®

Gym Highlights: Spectrum Martial Arts Academy was founded in 2015 by brothers Raymond and Seth Miller. They created the academy as a destination for martial artists of any discipline to learn and grow. SMA also serves its community with an after-school tutoring program, lead by the coaches, who are both certified school teachers. Program features include 2-8 classes per week, sparring classes (gi and no gi), PT classes and a mentorship program. This allows adult students become assistant coaches in exchange for discounted tuition. SMA puts a focus on keeping a growth mindset with the "Win or Learn" motto and encourages all students share their expertise with others to cement their own skills.

Dollamur, Spectrum Martial arts, Flexi-roll

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