Dollamur's Gym OTW - MPR Endurance

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Gym: MPR EnduranceMPR Endurance_1

Location: Langhorne, PA

Sports: Boxing, MMA, Judo/Sambo, Muay Thai, and BJJ

Dollamur Mats Used: Dollamur FLEXI-Roll® Mats

Gym Highlights/Accolades: MPR Endurance is nearly 8,000 sq ft and features a 24' MMA Cage and a boxing ring.  Multiple adult and child programs are offered.  MPR Endurance is one of only a few facilities that offer Sambo as part of their class curriculum.  The Sambo classes are led by USA National Sambo Champion, Erik Purcell and International, USA Sambo and Master of Sport, Coach Mikhail Kozitskiy.


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