303 Magazine Covers Dollamur’s Go! Mat

You don’t need an overpriced, under-used gym membership to get and stay fit. A well-stocked, thoughtfully built home gym will hold up in efficiency, cost and time saved.

There’s more to creating your own home gym than buying a Swiss ball and a pair of dumbbells. Or an expensive treadmill. Worse yet, that miracle contraption you saw late at night on television through bleary eyes and spontaneously ordered for fear you’d never get another chance.

Dollamur's Go! Mat

Dollamur’s Go! Mat

I want to help you make informed choices when putting together your home workout sanctuary with regard to the optimal use of space, stocking equipment with longevity and versatility, and creating an inviting, motivating atmosphere you will enjoy.

We’re going to start from the ground up.

“This handy mat rolls up when not in use, yet is ultra-durable for your heavy lifts. Super easy to clean – which I love – and comfortable enough to use for any post-workout stretching.”

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