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  • Dollamur's GymOTW - SSF Submission Academy

    SSF Submission Academy1

    Gym: SSF Submission Academy  SSF Submission Academy5

    Location:  Clarksville, TN

    Sport: MMA

    Dollamur Customer Since: 2016

    Dollamur Mats Used:  2400 sq. ft. of FLEXI-Connect® Flooring

    Gym Highlights/Accolades:  SSF Submission Academy has been open in Clarksville, TN for nine years.  It is home to the #1 ranked 125 Pro in Kentucky and Tennessee, Cory Alexander, who is also ranked #4 in the Southeastern U.S.  It is also home to Nate Landwehr, who is one of the best 145 unsigned pros who has beat fighters signed to Bellator.  SSF Submission Academy has placed fighters in the UFC, OneFC, King of the Cage, Strikeforce, Bellator, and BoDog.  It was one of the original 8 teams picked to represent the USA in the MMA World Challenge.

    SSF Submission Academy Awards:

    • 2013 MMA Gym of the Year - MMAMadhouse.com
    • 2010 MMA Gym of the Year TN - MMAMeltdown.com
    • 2010 MMA Gym of the Year - AroundTheOctagon.com ATO


    SSF Submission Academy3

    More information here.

  • SportsTurf Magazine’s January issue

    Next time it rains or snows, GymTurf 365 enables your team to continue practicing, bypassing any weather roadblocks. Turn any building into an indoor practice field in minutes.

    View Online at: http://read.dmtmag.com/t/8665-sportsturf

    Visit Dollamur GymTurf 365 website at: www.gymturf.com

    SportsTurf Magazine (digital) 1.16 CoverSportsTurf Magazine (digital) 1.16 Dollamur

  • Dollamur's GymOTW - Pettis Martial Arts

    Gym: Pettis Martial Arts

    Location: Saint Francis, Wisconsin

    Sport: Martial Arts and Fitness

    Dollamur Customer Since: 2015

    Dollamur Mats Used: FLEXI-Roll®

    Gym Highlights/Accolades: Home gym of former UFC Lightweight Champion Anthony Pettis and UFC Fighter Sergio Pettis.

    More information here.

  • Dollamur's GymOTW - Palmetto Martial Arts School

    Gym: Palmetto Martial Arts School

    Location: Easley, SC

    Sport: Martial Arts

    Dollamur Customer Since: 2015

    Mats Used: Swain Hybrid Mats by Dollamur

    Gym Highlights/Accolades: Palmetto Martial Arts School founder and senior instructor is Master John Roberson, a Level II USAT Olympic TKD coach and a 6th Dan Black Belt.  The school is a sport Tae Kwon Do School affiliated with the WTF and USAT.  Master John Roberson places a high emphasis on "Olympic Style Tae Kwon Do", Self Defense, and Character Development.



    "I had been fighting cheap puzzle mats for years. If you have ever had puzzle mats enclosed between two walls then you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. The floor ends up “Growing”. It was like stepping on dough, the more my students worked out on it the flatter and longer it became. It would start bowing up and bubbles would form. The only solution was to constantly cut a foot or two off the floor every few months. Over the years this got old. I knew that when it was time to get another floor it would not be one like that.

    Several martial arts instructors that I know suggested that I get the Swain Hybrid Mats. I looked into it and I liked what I saw. They were considerably more than standard puzzle mats however, you get what you pay for and if you are a serious Martial Arts School then you understand that quality matters. When I received the floor I was really impressed! These are some quality mats. They were really thick with an incredible backing on the bottom so they won’t slide. Another thing that impressed me was that the floors were really soft but also firm. In Taekwondo training this is really important because we have to be able to pivot and cut angles without slipping and falling. The final test (And most important) was what my students thought about the new floor because most people hate change. So far every one of them have loved it! No complaints at all.

    I will never buy any other kind of floor for my school.


    Master Roberson"

    More info here.

  • Dollamur's GymOTW - Advantage BJJ Martial Arts and Fitness - Alliance

    Advantage BJJ Martial Arts and Fitness - Alliance

    Location:  Houston, TX

    Sport: Alliance BJJ, TRX Fitness Training, and Yoga

    Dollamur Customer Since: 2015

    Dollamur Mats Used:
     FLEXI-Connect® Flooring and FLEXI-Roll® Wallpads

    Gym Highlights/Accolades:  Advantage BJJ has a floating floor built on motorcycle tires.  Nothing is touching the ground other than the tires.  They are an Alliance Jiu Jitsu School which is the 10x World Champion Team in Jiu Jitsu.

    More info here.

  • Dollamur Sport Surfaces Launches Revolutionary 'GymTurf 365'

    Indoor, Portable Sports Turf Transforms the Way Athletes Train, Compete Year-Round


    (FORT WORTH, Tex.) – The sports industry, as we know it, is about to change.


    Dollamur Sport Surfaces (Dollamur) – the world's leading manufacturer of high-performance sports flooring for wrestling, martial arts, mixed martial arts, fitness, gymnastics, cheerleading and yoga – today launches its revolutionary, portable sports surface, “GymTurf 365,” developed in partnership with Shaw Sports Turf.


    The high-grade, technological advancement transforms the way millions of athletes train and compete year-round. The first of its kind, GymTurf 365 turns any building into a baseball, football, field hockey, lacrosse, soccer or softball practice field in minutes. With this new product, one will never have training interrupted because of climate or scheduling issues.


    "GymTurf 365 is a game changer for the sports industry, allowing coaches to maximize time with athletes regardless of weather or field availability challenges," says Dave Rossi, Dollamur Senior Vice President. “Our goal in developing GymTurf 365 was to offer an indoor alternative where athletes could perform a full practice and compete at the same level as they would outdoors.”


    One of the most exciting aspects about GymTurf 365 is the number of athletes who can benefit from it.  Unfortunately, equipment can be expensive and in many cases it is only used by a few athletes.  In the case of GymTurf 365, there are at least eight sports that can train or compete on the surface in addition to physical education classes and sports camps.


    Taking less than 30 minutes to install, GymTurf 365 features Dollamur’s Flexi-Connect™ technology, a hassle-free integrated feature that connects turf sections without additional fasteners or tape. The patented system, which uses built-in hook and loop connections to join turf rolls, expedites set-up and tear down.  It ensures the turf will not separate between seams for a “no slip, just grip” surface.


    Another great feature of GymTurf 365 is that it requires no messy infill. The low-blade tufted turf performs without the need for messy infill. Players can wear short turf cleats or regular athletic footwear and will still experience the traction they need to perform at their best.


    "Partnering with Dollamur has led to us crafting a cutting-edge product that serves a massive need in the sports industry," says Dr. Phil Stricklen, Director of Research and Development for Shaw Sports Turf.  “Teams that have the ability to practice indoor will have a definitive advantage during periods of bad weather.”


    GymTurf 365 meets international soccer standards for artificial surfaces and provides a true bounce. This also enables baseball, field hockey, lacrosse and softball teams to use official balls indoor and replicate an outdoor field. The low impact, anti-abrasive flooring is engineered to reduce impact and allows teams to train year-round at the same full-intensity as an outdoor session.


    Headquartered in Fort Worth, Tex., Dollamur has official partnerships with USA Wrestling, USA Judo, the Atlantic Coast Conference, North American Grappling Association and 12 state high school wrestling championships, among others. Dollamur surfaces can be found in professional, intercollegiate and military facilities nationwide. It supplies mats to 130-plus UFC Gyms across the U.S. and more than 300 sports events annually.


    For more information: GymTurf.com.

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