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Posting the best examples of Mats & Training Centers

  • Hundreds Compete in Jiu Jitsu Tournament in San Jose

    (Great Article in the San Jose Mercury News about a Dollamur Mats Sponsored event in San Jose. Way to go BJJ in SJ and the Bay area for promoting BJJ as a sport. 

    Don't be selfish... Share Grappling and Athletics with your Friends, Family, Community and the world!!!)

    San Jose Jujitsu Tournament

    SAN JOSE -- Abdullah Davis spent four minutes tugging, pulling and struggling with an opponent who was at least a head taller than him. But the smile rarely left his face, even after he lost a close decision.

    "Jiu Jitsu is just in me," said Abdullah, 13, of Fremont, who weighs 77 pounds and trims his hair into a Mohawk. "It's hard not to smile."

    His competitor, Muhammad Elmarouk, who just happened to be his good friend, agreed.

    "We all love this," said Muhammad, also 13, of El Sobrante. "It's just a fun sport."

    The emerging martial art is on display this weekend at San Jose's Independence High School as approximately 900 competitors from the Bay Area and around the country gather for the seventh annual American Cup Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament -- the largest of its kind in Northern California.


  • French Federation of Wrestling President Visits Dollamur HQ

    Last month, on their way to Oklahoma for the 2014 Division 1 NCAA Wrestling Championships, Alain Bertholom, President of the French Federation of Wrestling, and his team stopped by Dollamur headquarters to get a glimpse at our manufacturing facility. They saw firsthand where Dollamur mats are made and all of the work that goes into each and every one of our wrestling surfaces.

    Alain and his team’s trip down to Fort Worth also involved meeting with some of Dollamur’s top leaders to discuss several upcoming wrestling events that France will be hosting through 2017.

    We had a great time showing Alain and other members of the French Federation of Wrestling Dollamur’s home and strengthening our wrestling relationships abroad.

    Next time we hope to return the favor and visit Alain and his team in France!

    President of the French Federation of Wrestling, Alain Bertholom (left), and performance manager, Philippe Vidal (right), visited Dollamur’s manufacturing facility in March. President of the French Federation of Wrestling, Alain Bertholom (left), and performance manager, Philippe Vidal (right), visited Dollamur’s manufacturing facility in March.
  • Heart of A Warrior!

    Heart of a Warrior

    An Inside look at the Mixed Martial Arts fighter and the journey to be a champion is coming. Check this out and support!

  • Training Zone NYC - All new Swain Smooth 2" MMA Mats

    A very beautiful Training Center has been set up in New York City at the Training Zone NYC. Using high quality 1 by 2 meter smooth surface mats. The Training zone has made the most of it's real estate and put together a professional look, high level safe facility that will last.

    check them out here.

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  • Ontario Provincial HS wrestling championships

    The Ontario Provincial High School Wrestling Championships proved to be a great weekend on the Mat! Congratulations to the athletes who competed and the coaches who got them ready!

    Wrestling Mats for the Ontario Provincial Wrestling Championships

  • Culture, Athletics, See Jason Khalipa get a lesson from a New Zealand Tribe.

    Jason Khalipa, World Champion Crossfitter gets a lesson in intimidation and performance from a tribe in New Zealand.

    Jason brought his expertise and worked with Dollamur Sports surfaces to create a Mat that is perfect for Crossfit and Fitness gyms.

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