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  • Dollamur's own Yoga Guru, Heidi Sonju, wrote about Dollamur Mats for ExpertBeacon.com.

    Finding the right yoga studio can be tough, check out some tips over at Expertbeacon.com with Dollamur's own Heidi Sonju.

    Check out some quick tips below and Click Here to read the details.


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  • Five Questions with Alicia Bruce, Dollamur Cheerleading

    Five Questions with Alicia Bruce, Dollamur CheerleadingAlicia Bruce Dollamur Cheerleading!

    We took a couple of minutes with Alicia at Dollamur to find out what sets the Dollamur mats apart from the competition and find out why Dollamur continues to be the mats the pros compete on.

    Thanks Alicia!

    1. What differentiates Dollamur cheerleading mats from competitors?

    Quality and innovation. Our 6’x42’x1 3/8” blue mats ship out in just one business day.


    1. How have Flexi-Roll and Flexi-Connect technology positively changed the cheerleading industry?

    Flexi-Roll and Flexi-Connect allow for fast and easy set up and breakdown. An entire competition mat can be assembled and disassembled in just minutes.    


    1. What safety certifications have Dollamur Cheerleading mats received?
      World Cheerleading Championships performance area Competition Area for the World Cheerleading Championships

    Dollamur products meet and exceed multiple impact tests, such as ASTM F1081 and F355.


    1. Do Dollamur cheerleading surfaces come with a warranty?

     Dollamur mats have the best warranty in the industry – five years.


    1. How many cheerleading events per year are Dollamur mats present?

    Dollamur cheer mats are used in hundreds of events around the world including Worlds in Orlando, FL and the European Cheer Union Championships in Bonn, Germany, which represents 23 countries. Dollamur is also the preferred mat for the Chinese Cheer Federation. 

  • Dollamur Featured in the Dallas Morning News.

    Dollamur has been featured in a piece by the Dallas Morning News. Take a look at an interview with our CEO  Don Ochsenreiter, about Dollamur's history and where we are going.

    Fort Worth company taking the competition to the mat

    Dollamur CEO Don Ochsenreiter FORT WORTH — Don Ochsenreiter is in the business of providing soft landings in a rough-and-tumble world.

    As CEO of Dollamur Sports Surfaces LP, Ochsenreiter oversees North America’s largest manufacturer and distributor of high-performance specialty mats that keep wrestlers, gymnasts, cheerleaders, martial artists, CrossFitters and military combatants from letting the hard floor defeat them.

    Dollamur’s headquarters and plant in what used to be the Ranch Style Beans factory will churn out more than 6.3 million square feet of foam mats this year — enough to cover AT&T Stadium’s football field 60 times.

    These specialty mats will be used everywhere from spare bedrooms to some of the most prestigious sporting events around the globe, including the Wrestling World Championship in Las Vegas next September.

    Even the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders have Dollamur underfoot.NB_29Dollamur7MA

    “We apply foam to vinyl or carpet — that’s all we do,” says Ochsenreiter. “And we’re very, very good at it. If you buy a mat for your son or your grandson to wrestle on in the garage, you’re getting the exact same quality as the U.S. Junior Olympic Trials.”

    Dollamur was formed in 1996 by Jeff Anderson, who set up shop in Fort Worth as an extension of the family business in Canada. The name is a mashing of his parents’ first names, Dolly and Murray.

    Nine years ago, Frist Capital LLC, a private investment firm in Nashville, bought Dollamur. Since 2005, the company has gone from $10 million in sales — primarily wrestling mats — to $25 million this year by adding sports such as martial arts and new-wave venues.

    See the full article here.

  • Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


  • Holiday Mat Sale!

    FlexiRoll MatThis that time of year again!

    The Holidays are coming and it's a great time to get your body moving!

    No matter what the weather is outside, Dollamur Mats are great for indoor sports and practice. Set up in the basement, garage or right in your living room.

    Dollamur Mats make it simple to trade any room into a practice and training center! With Dollamur Mats training becomes second nature in the home, the office or on the Go!

    To commemorate the holiday's, Dollamur gives it's lowest discounts of the year for home mats and practice pads.

    If you have been in the market for a home mat or a stunt pad, This is the time to get one! if you have someone in your life that could use a mat there is no better time than This year! Check back with Dollamur on Thanksgiving for full details of the Dollamur Home mat Sale!

    No matter what the winter is like, don't sit down and let it pass, GET UP and get on your new Dollamur Mat!

  • Marti Malloy Featured in Whidbey News Times

    Our Friend and Dollamur Athlete Marti Malloy was featured in the Whidbey News Times this past weekend. Check out the article below!

    Marti Fighting Worlds.It seems even Olympic medalists have to do their own laundry.

    Oak Harbor High School graduate Marti Malloy, who won a bronze medal in judo in the 2012 London Olympics, discussed her career during a phone interview last month in between folding clothes at a San Jose laundromat.

    Malloy said her life has become a cycle of training, flying and competing, all squeezed around graduate school.

    Winning an Olympic medal brought the expected positive impact, Malloy said, but it also stirred up some negative feedback.

    “I am a lot more confident after the Olympics,” Malloy said. “I sacrifice so much time training, it is great to see all that lead up to winning.”

    However, it is “amazing what people will say to you,” she said.

    “I get messages that are critical; I’ve seen a side of people I didn’t want to see.”

    Malloy’s athletic goals are to win a world championship and an Olympic gold medal.

    After finishing second in the World Cup last year, Malloy felt this would be her year to finish at the top of the podium ---- then she saw the draw.

    Check out the Rest of the article Here!

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