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  1. Folding Sports Mat

    Folding Sports Mat

    Mats For Everyone™ 

    Champion Folding SportsMat (xHTM) The 1-3/8'' crosslink foam used in this mat is firm enough to allow for easy foot pivoting yet forgiving enough to pad takedowns and falls. Convenient accordian style fold-out construction makes for easy portability. Velcro on all 4 sides for easy area expansion. The 18 ounce vinyl that covers these mats is a breeze to clean.

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  2. Flexi-connect

    Flexi-Connect™ Mat


    Call us at 800.520.7647 for any questions regarding this product

    The Dollamur 10' x 10' (3m x 3m) Flexi-Connect™ Mat has the same great performance, high quality sports foam, and durable vinyl surface as the mats you compete on and come with a Five-Year warranty.

    The Flexi-Roll® feature makes use and storage easy; the Flexi-Connect™ feature eliminates the need for tape!. Just unroll anywhere and you have your own training area. Roll the mat up and each section is less than 17" (43cm) in diameter, only 60" (1.52m) tall and weigh 20 lbs (9kg) each. (2 rolls).

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  3. Mat Edge Sealer

    Mat Edge Sealer

    For use with XL/seamless tape for a permanent bond. Includes one 12 oz bottle of glue and application bottle. Learn More

  4. Tatami Mat Tape

    Tatami Mat Tape

    This tape is tatami textured and is stickier than our conventional tape. Thicker and more durable than our clear vinyl tape, this adhesive plastic tape is meant to be used with permanent floors that are not moved often.

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  5. Boundary Velcro

    Boundary Velcro

    One roll of 2" x 42' velcro for carpeted gymnastics mats, used to mark out of bounds area. Learn More

  6. Dollamur Mat Mop

    Dollamur Mat Mop

    The Dollamur mop is the simplest and fastest way to clean your mats. Learn More

  7. Wet Pad

    Mop Pad

    The Dollamur mop is both a dry sweeper and a wet mop. Just switch the mop pads between uses, first sweeping your mats with the dry pad and then mopping them with the wet pad. Machine washable; the Dollamur mop and mop pads are the easiest way to keep your mats clean. Learn More

  8. Dollamur Mop Kit

    Dollamur Mop Kit

    The Dollamur Mop kit comes with everything you need to clean your mats. A must have for all dojos, academies, and Gyms with Tatami or Flexi-Roll mats.

    Kit Includes:

    1 - Mop(comes in 24" or 48")

    2 - Dry Dust Microfiber Mop Pads

    1 - Wet Disinfectant Mop Pad

    1 - Gallon of Concentrated Disinfectant(good for 64 gallons of cleaner

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  9. Flexi-Post Pad®

    Flexi-Post Pad®

    Others Imitate While we Innovate™

    The Dollamur Pole pad is made, in house, from the same material as our Flexi-Roll, which saves you time and money. All of our pole pads are 1.5" thick, 2lb density foam, 6ft tall, and velcro together.

    Keep your training safe and use your entire space with the Dollamur Flexi-Post Pad. 

    Dollamur Flexi-Post Pads measure inside diameter(the diameter of your pole). 4" to 10" diameters available online. Call our office for larger sizes. 

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  10. Z-Channel mount for wall pads

    Z-Channel mount for wall pads

    The Z-Channel is $8 dollars per two feet of wall pad. So, for example, if you have 33 feet of wall padding you would need to order 17 Z-Channels. Learn More

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