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  • Folding Sports Mat

    Mats For Everyone™ 

    Champion Folding SportsMat--The 1-3/8'' crosslink foam used in this mat is firm enough to allow for easy foot pivoting yet forgiving enough to pad takedowns and falls. Convenient accordian style fold-out construction makes for easy portability. Velcro on all 4 sides for easy area expansion. The 18 ounce vinyl that covers these mats is a breeze to clean.

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  • Mop Pad

    The Dollamur mop is both a dry sweeper and a wet mop. Just switch the mop pads between uses, first sweeping your mats with the dry pad and then mopping them with the wet pad. Machine washable; the Dollamur mop and mop pads are the easiest way to keep your mats clean. Learn More

  • Dollamur Mop Kit

    The Dollamur Mop kit comes with everything you need to clean your mats. A must have for all dojos, academies, and gyms with Tatami or Flexi-Roll mats.

    Kit Includes:

    1 - Mop(comes in 24" or 48")

    2 - Dry Dust Microfiber Mop Pads

    1 - Wet Disinfectant Mop Pad

    1 - Quart of Concentrated Disinfectant (good for 64 gallons of cleaner)

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  • Flexi-Post Pad®

    Others Imitate While we Innovate™

    The Dollamur Pole pad is made, in house, from the same material as our Flexi-Roll, which saves you time and money. All of our pole pads are 1.5" thick, 2lb density foam, 6ft tall, and velcro together.

    Keep your training safe and use your entire space with the Dollamur Flexi-Post Pad. 

    Dollamur Flexi-Post Pads measure inside diameter(the diameter of your pole). 4" to 10" diameters available online. Call our office for larger sizes. 

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  • 'WWP' Wrestling Mats

    Wounded Warrior Project™


    Dollamur Sport Surfaces is a proud supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project™.  A percentage of sales from the Dollamur desert tan camo wrestling mat will be donated to the WWP.  Donations to the WWP help thousands of injured warriors returning home from the current conflicts and to provide assistance to their families. As the number of wounded steadily increases, it is easy to see how the needs of these brave individuals also increase. 

    This is a 10'x10'x1.25" mat featuring a wrestling circle. (as pictured) 

    Note: This mat is a not a Flexi-Connect™ mat.

    wounded warrior logo

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  • Malloy Olympic Mat

    We at Dollamur are proud of Dollamur Athlete Marti Malloy on her 2012 Olympic medal.

    Marti, with Dollamur, has teamed up to support the fight against breast cancer - with the Malloy Olympic Mat.

    For every Malloy Mat purchased, a portion of the profits will go towards the fight against breast cancer, as well as supports Marti's 2016 Olympic pursuit.

    This 5' x 10' mat is perfect for fitness, home training, ground work & taking falls. 

    These Mats are Available in 3 Colors - 

    Pink (w/Black Logo)

    Black (w/Pink Logo)

    Blue (w/White Logo)

    Custom orders are also available - Call 800.662.4616

    Support Marti & the Fight against cancer with the Malloy Olympic Mat. 

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  • Crossfit 'GO!' mat

    Ever been at home and wanted to take on a workout with the same intensity as being in the Box?

    Check out the new GO Mat! It is hard enough to squat on, soft enough to burpee on, and best of all it's durable and easy to clean. Just roll it out an GO!


    36 x 72 inches, on 3/4" inch thick crosslink foam. Perfect for movement and motion. Great for the home, office, and for the car.

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  • Puzzle Mats

    Not your typical Puzzle Mats. These mats are perfect for Karate, Taekwondo, Kick boxing, Aerobics, Yoga, Pilates, Fitness, home gyms and many more.

    New Color: Wood Grain/Black Texture

    This 25cm (or 1” thick) mat is offered in 6 colors. (Red/Blue, Black/Charcoal, Emerald Green) - 

    Each mat is reversible allowing for two different colors per tile. Simply flip them over to change the color of the mat. The reversible feature also increases the longevity of the mat. Allowing you to get more bang for your buck.

    Each of these puzzle pieces comes with two edge pieces so you can easily finish off your mat space. These mats can be put on any hard surface and turn it into a great workout space.

    The puzzle edges interlock easily giving you a seamless floor when installed. No need to worry about gaps in your floor with these mats.

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  • Swain Hybrid Mats

    The Swain Hybrid Mat is the ultimate flooring system. Our new, innovative surface system combines the classic tatami texture with smooth surface technology to provide practitioners with better traction, less abrasive mat for all levels of martial arts training. 

    School owners prefer it because it eliminates odors, enhances appearance, and is versatile enough for any style. Parents take comfort in it, knowing that their children are training on a forgiving floor. The Swain Hybrid Mat is the only choice for instructors who are serious about using the highest quality flooring system for their schools. Our Swain Hybrid Mats are the same mats used in the 2012 London Olympics.

    Swain mats are ideal for both standing arts and grappling arts. The Swain Series is simply the best investment you can make in when choosing a new mat for home use, school, or in any training facility.

    Mats come in 1 meter x 2 meter  (3'3" x 6'6" ) sections and can be easily cut to fit 
    wall to wall. All mats come with an anti-skid, rubberized waffle backing. 

    Call our Respresentatives for Discounts and Savings.

    1.5” thickness The Swain Series Grappling Mat is simply the best flooring solution in the Martial Arts, Fitness, Combative, and MMA industries today.

    2” The Swain Series MMA Mat is the world's best flooring solution for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and those looking for a smooth vinyl surface.

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  • Swain Smooth Mats

    Swain Mats by Dollamur uses only the highest quality non-slip smooth vinyl that reduces the amount of mat burns that come from a traditional tatami style training mat.

    This is great mat for martial arts practitioners that focus a majority of time on  MMA, wrestling, grappling, and no-gi jiujitsu training. There are 4 color options available (use the Swain Mat designer to see what works best in your school) The Swain Smooth mat offers the highest quality workmanship, designed for professional gyms that are looking for the best way to protect their athletes. All mats come with an anti-skid, rubberized waffle backing heat-pressed on; never glued.

    More Info Here.

    Swain Smooth Mats at a glance:
    - Eliminates Odors
    - Anti-microbial surface
    - Reduces mat burns
    - 1 meter x 2 meter (3'3" x 6'6")
    - Great for no-gi practice and grappling.
    - Provides protection against falls and slams.

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